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SolarWinds Passportal provides simple yet secure password management designed to store, manage, and retrieve passwords quickly and easily from virtually any connected device.

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Passportal: How to bulk disable passwords

1. Login to your Passportal dashboard; 2. Navigate to the intended set of passwords; 3. Select the passwords by checking the checkbox to their left; 4. On the left side of the Passportal banner (next to your company's logo), click the...

How to Manually Uninstall the Passportal Active Directory Agent

To Perform a clean uninstall do the following: 1. Open Services.msc , stop the Passportal and Passportal Updater Service; 2. Open Command Prompt As Administrator, Run the service uninstall command line against the Passportal and...

Passportal Ncentral Integration is Not Syncing Over Information into Passportal

This can be caused for a multitude of issues. First read this article and verify your configurations are all correct... Check your SSL certificates on an SSL tool checker...

Passportal AD Agent PServ Log Shows User Does Not Exist In Passportal

This Event mean's that the Agent recognized a new password and user, however because the setting for "Auto Create User as Passwords" is turned off in Passportal the password was not created in the Passportal Dashboard. To turn this on: 1. Locate...