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SolarWinds® Mail Assure™ offers an ultra secure, ultra reliable email protection and archiving platform that protects businesses from phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats. Mail Assure provides best-in-class email protection and email archiving with unparalleled service stability and excellent user experience.

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What's New

Change Your MX Records

To route incoming email for your domain through the Mail Assure filtering cloud you need to update the MX records in your domain provider's DNS settings. Prior to changing the MX records, you should check...

Getting Started

This guide describes how to use the Mail Assure email security system to protect your domains from spam and virus threats. It covers how to manage your domains and set up your users and also how to access...

Outgoing Filtering

Mail Assure's Outgoing Filtering facility is used to relay your organization's outgoing mail securely and efficiently. The Outgoing Filtering service works independently of the Incoming Filtering facility also...