RMM Patch Management Engine (PME) Installation and Log File Locations

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  • Where does PME install to?
  • Where does PME log to?


  • SolarWinds RMM
  • Advanced Monitoring Agent version 10.8.x or above
  • Patch Management Engine


  • PME patch management has three components:
    • The RPC server service manages communication between the AMA and PME worker component
    • The PME component handles the patch scan and remediation actions
    • The Cache service downloads and caches patches at the request of the PME component
  • The PME components are installed as sub-folders of the RMM Advanced Monitoring Agent (AMA) - e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent:
    • RPC Server - <AMA folder>\RpcServer
    • Patch Management Engine - <AMA folder>\patchman
    • Cache Service - <AMA folder>\CacheService
  • RMM Agent requests to PME are logged to debugfeature.log in the AMA folder
  • PME logs are stored under %programdata%\Solarwinds MSP\ in the following folders:
    • Patch Management - .\PME\log
      • core.log - logs the actions that PME is requested to perform
      • QueryManager.log - logs the results of patch scans
      • ActionManager.log - logs the results of patch remediation actions
    • Cache Service - .\SolarWinds.MSP.CacheService\log\CacheService.log
    • RPC Server - .\SolarWinds.MSP.RpcServerService\log\RpcServer.log
  • Note: This information applies to the RC Patch Management Engine

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