Passportal Agent Not Syncing and Missing ADhook Log

Article Number: 000069065

Last Modified: Mon Sep 09 15:39:44 GMT 2019


  • The Passportal agent is not syncing passwords to the dashboard and the Adhook.log file is missing


  • Passportal


  • The ADhook file can be missing for a few reasons.
    1. If the server has not been rebooted since installing the agent
    2. A faulty installation
    3. The Service account for passportal is using an "Administrator" or other generic windows account
  • Reboot the server if it has not already been rebooted since installing the agent.
  • Verify the Passportal Service account is not an "Administrator" or other generic user that windows will use for it's operations. For passportal, you will have to use a unique service account that is only used for passportal agent.¬†
  • If all of the above has been verified or attempted reinstall the agent if the ADhook.log is still missing¬†

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