Report Manager - Disk Space/Disk is running out of space

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Thu May 24 14:05:39 GMT 2018


  • The drive housing the Report Manager databases and transaction logs are reaching capacity. 

Possible Reasons

  • The database transaction log files have grown too large.
  • Data retention settings have not been adjusted appropriately.


  • SolarWinds N-central
  • All versions of report manager



Steps for recovering disk space in Report Manager

  1. Create a Maintenance Plan (Report Manager install guide) and allow it to execute.
  2. Adjust Data Retention Period by the smallest increment (Report Manager Online Help), Save, and allow a 2-3 nightly Maintenance runs. See below for details.
  3. Continue adjusting the Retention by small increments and allowing nightly maintenance as desired.
  4. If space is not recovered, try shrinking transaction logs as described below.
  5. If there is still any issue, please contact support and be prepared to move the database temporarily to a larger drive if needed.

Adjust Data Retention settings

  1. if you see that the database files have grown larger than you expect this may be caused by your data retention settings
  2. Open Report Manager Administration Console
  3. Select System Setup and Logs
  4. Select Data Retention settings
  5. Here you change your settings to determine how long report manager will keep data for
  6. Delete unused ODS data:
    1. Deleting unused ODS data will truncate data tables not used in stock reporting in order to conserve disk space.
    2. The only reason not to delete this data is you are running custom reports the depend on the data in this database however we highly recommend not building any reports that depend on this database as it is not static and may be dropped in the future.
  7. If you decide to change your retention settings it is recommended to stagger the time so if you have it set to 2 years first set to 18 months then let it sit for 48 hours then change it to 14 months wait 48 hours then 12 months.
    1. The reason to do this is because when it begins removing data it delete rows in the database which will cause the transaction logs to grow by staggering it you will reduce the growth on the logs and the potential for the drive to fill up which will undo all the work.

Shrink the Database log files

  1. Stop the Report Manager services via services.msc, and start task manager. Check that 'dtexec.exe' is not running. If it is, this means that ETL is running and you will need to wait, possibly a few hours.
  2. Check the location of the database log files - Ex: D:\SQLLogs\
  3. Identify the log that is grown too large Ex: the warehouse_log.ldf is above 5 gb.
  4. Check to ensure the recovery mode is set to simple. This will allow for the database to shrink during maintenance without the requirement of a backup, this is needed as the ETL's will likely run much more frequently than a backup.
  5. You can attempt to shrink the log by going into SQL Management Studio right click the database and select Tasks > Shrink > Files
    1. Ensure you select file type : log
    2. Click ok and sql should attempt to released all unused space.
  6. Restart the Report Manager services.



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