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N-Central API PowerShell Module, by Adriaan Sluis

Last Modified Date: 9/11/2020 4:53 PM


Note that this is created, hosted and supported by Adriaan Sluis, from Tosch ( 

This allows you to import a PowerShell module with commands to interface with the N-Central APIs easily and quickly, without the need to build extensive coding.





Third Party Apps

Target OS

Windows 8/8.1;Windows 10;Windows Server 2012 / 2012R2;Windows Server 2016;Windows Server 2019

Compatible with N-Central


N-Central minimum version


Compatible with RMM



PowerShell integration for N-Central by SolarWinds

Integrate NCentral into your management-scripts with this module.


Type NCHelp or Get-NCHelp for the list of available PS-NCentral commands.
Use 'Get-Help <CommandName>' for additional help.

Name                           Synopsis                                                                          
----                           --------                                                                          
Get-NCAccessGroupList          Returns the list of AccessGroups at the specified CustomerID level.               
Get-NCActiveIssuesList         Returns the Active Issues on the CustomerID-level and below.                      
Get-NCCustomerList             Returns a list of all customers and their data.                                   
Get-NCCustomerPropertyList     Returns a list of all Custom-Properties for the selected CustomerID(s).           
Get-NCDeviceID                 Returns the DeviceID(s) for the given DeviceName(s). Case Sensitive, No Wildcards.
Get-NCDeviceInfo               Returns the General details for the DeviceID(s).                                  
Get-NCDeviceList               Returns the Managed Devices for the given CustomerID(s) and Sites below.          
Get-NCDeviceLocal              Returns the DeviceID, CustomerID and some more Info for the Local Computer.       
Get-NCDeviceObject             Returns a Device and all asset-properties as an object.                           
Get-NCDevicePropertyList       Returns the Custom Properties of the DeviceID(s).                                 
Get-NCDevicePropertyListFilter Returns the Custom Properties of the Devices within the Filter(s).                
Get-NCDeviceStatus             Returns the Services for the DeviceID(s).                                         
Get-NCHelp                     Shows a list of available PS-NCentral commands and the synopsis.                  
Get-NCProbeList                Returns the Probes for the given CustomerID(s).                                   
Get-NCServiceOrganizationList  Returns a list of all ServiceOrganizations and their data.                        
Get-NCTimeOut                  Returns the max. time in seconds to wait for data returning from a (Synchronous...
Get-NCUserRoleList             Returns the list of Roles at the specified CustomerID level.                      
NcConnected                    Checks or initiates the NCentral connection.                                      
New-NCentralConnection         Connect to the NCentral server.                                                   
Set-NCCustomerProperty         Fills the specified property(name) for the given CustomerID(s).                   
Set-NCDeviceProperty           Fills the Custom Property for the DeviceID(s).                                    
Set-NCTimeOut                  Sets the max. time in seconds to wait for data returning from a (Synchronous) N...


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    PowerShell API N-Central

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