Exports are not running, which is failing due to name of PSA Ticketing Recipient exceeding 99 characters

Article Number: 000068771

Last Modified: Fri Aug 30 16:40:04 GMT 2019


  • Export From SolarWinds N-central to Report Manager due to character limit exceeding for┬áTicketing Recipient name


  • SolarWinds N-central
  • Report Manager


  • If your exports haven't been running for a couple days, it may be due to the character limit has been exceeded for your PSA Ticketing Recipients
  • To review, please do the following:
    1. In your SolarWinds N-central UI, navigate to Administration > PSA Integration > Ticketing
    2. Ensure that the names of your Ticketing Recipients do not exceed 79 characters
      • NOTE: This is because at the end of the name, the full name includes "Ticketing Recipient" which is a total of 20 characters

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