MSP Backup show Install Failed

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Last Modified: Mon Feb 26 15:17:38 GMT 2018


  • Install shows failed for install of MSP Backup on MSP N-Central
  • ClientTool log under C:\Program Data\MXB\Logs\ClientTool show the following error:
    • [2017-07-27 16:01:34.856128] [W] [08436] Connection to management node ( failed, switching to next node. Error: Couldn't connect to server 
      [2017-07-27 16:01:34.856128] [W] [08436] [UnattendedInstaller] Unattended installation failed: Management service unavailable 
      [2017-07-27 16:01:34.861988] [E] [08436] {install} Command line processing failed (101): Command `install' failed: Autodeployed installation has failed


  • SolarWinds Backup
  • SolarWinds N-Central


  • Verify you can access the url from the device's browser 
    • If unable, then ensure you allow on TCP port 443 full access through firewall
  • Verify you can access the url from device's browser
    • You should see a page that has the following example details:
      • This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

        <Message>Access Denied</Message>
    • If unable to see thism then ensure that is allowed on TCP port 443 and 80 through firewall

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